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How to Read Textbooks

Many college students don’t even open their required textbooks, but for those you who do, reading long chapters can be a challenge. It either feels like too much information or paragraphs that drone on without saying a thing. You may… Continue Reading →

How to want to study

For most people, studying isn’t the first thing they want to do right after class ends. How do you avoid going from the resting mode to slacking mode?

Staying productive on your computer

I’ve somehow managed to get a 3.9 GPA in college, so I thought it would be useful for all you students (and me when school starts again) to list the programs and tools I used throughout the semester to keep… Continue Reading →

One Thing You Need Before an Internship is… a Whiteboard?

A panel of executives from Bed Bath & Beyond, Gucci, and Johnson & Johnson came to speak to young people to give tips on networking, maintaining work life balance, and thoughts on entrepreneurship.

Visiting Lady Liberty

I really love New York City and I really love history, and spending the day connecting the two was amazing for me! I realized I never mentioned this in my previous posts, but you can get to NYC for free… Continue Reading →

Helping Kids be Kids Again

At the first day of the Social Good Summit at 92Y, there was a discussion with High Commissioner for Refugees of the UN Filippo Grandi and President and CEO of Save the Children Carolyn Miles, led by BBC Journalist Alan… Continue Reading →

Social Good with Chelsea Handler

One of the first speakers who started off the Social Good Summit was Chelsea Handler, who has a Netflix documentary series called “Chelsea Does” and TV series called “Chelsea,” which is an online late-night talk show that streams 3 times… Continue Reading →

5 Productivity apps you need this fall

As the school year is getting closer, some of you may want to start it off on the right foot. For me, that means more than organizing the room and getting your school supplies, but also having the right tools… Continue Reading →

Snail Slime: an origin story

If you’re into beauty products, and specifically Korean beauty, you’ll know that snail slime is beneficial to human skin (If you haven’t tried, look it up, great stuff). Snail slime is used to help the formation of collagen and minimize… Continue Reading →

Organized my desk! (Finally)

If you’re like most people, there’s someplace in your room or house where you just toss random items into. Whether it be your bed or dining room table, it eventually ends up being a horrible mess. For me, that location… Continue Reading →

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