Who am I?

Born in 1996, Aries, Asian American. I never fell for the path of knowing what you wanted to do in high school, going to a specific school and major directly related to the career you picked, then trying to complete it. For one, there are so many adults who have no idea what they're doing in life that it's so ridiculous to expect a 15-16 year old know what they'll be. Second, why is it even a rule that we can only be one thing in our lives? I tried testing out different paths since 9th grade: journalist, environmental science researcher, marketing consultant/analyst, nonprofit worker, doctor, pharmacist, policy/planning analyst, financial analyst, and now insurance underwriting. It's a field I've come to enjoy, but who says I have to stay in my first job out of college for the rest of my life? My journey isn't over yet, and I hope you'll stick around to see where I go!

I've always been interested in planning ahead and working towards different goals in life. Through sharing my own experiences from high school, college, and post-grad working life, I hope to make positive impact on your lives. I enjoy interacting with people online, so don't be afraid to DM me on Instagram or email (I might be a little slower on that though since I only check that email at night) at

If you have a question you want answered, or just want anonymous general advice, contact me!