Three declutter methods that work

Lots of people struggle with keeping their homes organized. Here are 3 fun ways that will help you declutter your space!

Konmari Method

This is probably the most well known. It started from a book by Marie Kondo that makes you consider how much joy an object sparks in your life. If you pick something up, and you don’t feel like it makes you happy, it’s something you should get rid of. It helps you get rid of old clothes, papers, and anything else really you don’t want. Of course, be sure to not throw out the “necessary evils.”

Four Box Method

Here you’re splitting off all your belongings into four boxes. Put away, give away, throw away, undecided. Every time you pick something up, you put it into one of the boxes. It’s nice because you can still have things you’re not sure about, and reconsider it later. 

Packing Party

This is probably the most intense, but fun method! Get your friends to come over and put everything into boxes. You find out everything that you don’t need or want, since they’re still in the boxes by the end of the week. To lessen any possible frustration, I’d label them by type (i.e kitchen goods, socks, etc). But this is probably the best method to declutter if you’re attached to all your belongings. 

Which method do you think you’ll try?

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