Productive things to do on commute


If you’re like me and use public transportation to get to work or school, you know that there’s quite a bit of down time on your commute. I’m all about managing your time in a way that maximizes value to yourself. Here are some things I’ve tried or thought of for productive commuting!

Note: I am not being paid to promote any of the below companies. I genuinely use or have tried these.

Jot down thoughts

How I’m writing this right now as I’m on the subway is JotterPad. It’s an app where I can write articles and later upload them into the drive of my choice. I personally use Google Drive since my university offers it unlimited for free. It’s straightforward to use, and has other features for purchase, such as splitscreen and different downloading formats for screenwriters. But I enjoy the free version, too! It’s clean, simple, and has plenty of its own features such as dictionary, thesaurus, and night mode. If you want to jot down your thoughts or write some short stories, this is an app for you.

Listen to podcasts or music

When I don’t have anything I want to write, I listen to podcasts through Player FM. It’s a great app that allows you to automatically download your subscribed podcasts through wifi so you never have to worry about it sucking out data or forgetting to download before you leave your house. Pretty much every podcast show is on here, not just the major ones. There’s even Jim Butler’s Deep Energy “podcast,” which is really just an hour of relaxing meditation music I use to help me relax in noisy subway cars! 

Learn as you go

This one I’m planning on trying. Udemy is a learning site where you purchase different courses you want to take. You can download them through the app, which is why this is part of the list. I’ve taken a look at some of the courses, and just thinking which ones I’d like to learn! It seems so far that most courses will be well under $20 and include several hours worth of lessons, which I’d consider it a good value when you compare it to other courses that charge hundreds! Now that’s one productive commute.


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6 Replies to “Productive things to do on commute”

  1. naice. im currently using uber so im constantly checking the route the driver is taking on my maps 😂 this was a good read thnx!

  2. Sometimes i wonder why many keeps on complaining about heavy traffic flow every day. I always carry a book whenever I travel, so i can read when I am stuck in the traffic than complain.

  3. This is an interesting topic for commuters. I catch up on my reading , or grade papers on my commute. Outide of this long commutes can b taxing.

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