Shopping for frugal work clothes

Getting the job is just the beginning. I found myself realizing that my first paycheck was in 2 weeks, and I only had a few outfits to wear to my new job! It took me many weeks and searching to get the wardrobe I have now. Remembering how hard finding work clothes was for me, I wanted to share with everyone what I bought when I was first starting out on my own.


Skirt with Tie Belt - Black - Ladies | H&M US 1

H&M is known for their cheap, fast fashion, and they actually have  a lot of business appropriate clothing as well! See this cute skirt that comes in black, and two different houndstooth patterns.

Long-sleeved Blouse - White - Ladies | H&M US 1

They also have a huge selection of blouses, which I have a few of. At $14.99, these are probably one of the cheapest shirts you can get for this quality. 

Also, H&M will give you a small discount if you donate a bag of clothes to them, so it’s a good way to get rid of old clothes and buy new!



Uniqlo is my favorite because it has a wide range of quality clothes. I love their dresses because it’s work-appropriate and soft! This dress is on sale a $9.90, and it’s common for Uniqlo to frequently have sales like this. They also come out with nice simple styles for each season, and their heat technology stockings are a staple when it gets cold.


Image of Modern American Designer Scuba Crepe Sheath Dress

A lot of people may overlook Marshall’s, but I’m personally a huge fan! Marshall’s usually has a great selection of professional dresses from Calvin Klein. This dress I bought for around $35, which I’d consider pricey, but it looks great and its original price is close to $90, with most other discounted stores selling it for $40-50. 

Now finding the actual clothing is a challenge, but I hope this post helps you get an easy start. Have you been through this before? Where do you go for work clothes?

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