5 TED Talks you can use in your life right now

I wanted to link various resources I’ve found useful, and today they are TED Talks. 

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

In this video, Tim Urban vividly describes the process of procrastination, how you can use it to your advantage. How is your relationship with deadlines?

How to find work you love

Scott Dinsmore shares his powerful lesson after he quit his job that made him miserable. This talk is about finding what you are truly passionate about. 

Feats of memory anyone can do

Joshua Foer takes you through the steps of the memory palace. This amazing method will help you remember anything you need to!

How to speak so that people want to listen

This talk about powerful speaking is presented by Julian Treasure. He clearly lists out his tips in this straight to the point speech. 

Try something new for 30 days

Experiment with your creativity! This is basically what I’m doing for Blogmas. In this video, Matt Cutts encourages his audience to try new things. 

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